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Grant Howarth
      Studio owner and freelance recording engineer / producer, Grant is an advanced graduate from the Academy of Production & Recording Arts.

Please contact Grant at (403)-283-5725 or grant@outhouse.ca for more information on what services he can provide for your recording projects.

Outhouse Studio with Grant

Beach Advanced Audo Production
     In addition to the Outhouse Studio, Grant is currently utilizing the Beach Studios to facilitate projects of all sizes and requirements.

The Beach Studio

Carmel Studio at the Beach
     Grant has personally assembled the carmel stuido at the Beach.

Carmal Studio with Grant

Live Recording
      The outhouse provides on-site live recording for musicians looking to capture a live performance.

Live Sound
      The outhouse also provides equipment and experienced sound engineers for live sound.

     From time to time the outhouse hosts shows for independent touring bands when other venues are unavailable. Photos from past shows can be seen here.

Other Services
      Help promote your band with Madcow Buttons.

Mad Cow Buttons

Contact Grant at the Outhouse