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Grant Howarth has worked with a large variety of bands and artists of all different genres. Below is a list of some of the projects as well as a couple mp3's compliations that are samples of bands that Grant has recorded.

Newer Samples (youTube with video)
Newer Samples (audio only)

Older samples - Lighter stuff (sample MP3)

Older samples - Heavier stuff (sample MP3)


The Kronic Groove Band - thekronicgrooveband
"The Kronic Groove album turned out amazing. They are very tallented guys and took the time to do it properly. Check out their tunes on myspace."
Meggido - myspace/meggido
"It had been a while since i had worked on a metal album and i think deep down everyone knows i was ichin for it. Great guys to work with and look forward to future projects with them."
The A Cappella Fellas - theacappellafellas.com
"When Ben from the A Cappellas first contacted me and said they were an A cappella group i wasn't sure what to expect. It turned out they were nothing i could have ever expected. They take popular songs and redo them in there own style using there voices to emulate the instruments. These guys knew exaxtly what they wanted and moved quick in the studio. They sang as a group and most tracks were recorded in 1-2 takes. The real fun came in the mixing trying to make them sound as close to the original songs as possible. Their music brings a smile to everyone i play it for."
Divinity - divinity.ca
"It was almost 2 years ago i worked on Divinity's first album which got them signed to Nucular Blast Records. We recently finished working on their second album and its sounding amazing. Check em out.
Erickson Dela Rosa - myspace.com/ericksondelarosa
"I worked with Erickson to create an 8 song acoustic CD. He is a very talented artist and his recordings turned out beautifully. I am sure we will all be hearing a lot more of him in the very near future."
Consonant C - myspace.com/theconsonantc
"What can I say about them ... I love everyone of these guys and gals. We recorded a 15 song album that has more than 10 different instruments on it. No one works me harder than the Khan C"
Sheglank'd shoulders - myspace.com/sheglankdshoulders
"Good ol sheglank'd ... surprisingly they (for the most part) resisted the urge to ride my skate ramp and managed to get an album done. We have since recorded another 7" which should be available very soon."
Flash Back Sound Track - flashbacksoundtrack
"This is a band that i have been anxiously waiting for them to get back in the studio. I did their EP for them and i love their sound."
The Nix Dicksons - myspace/thenixdicksons
"At the time of writing this we are just finishing up thier EP and will be most likely moving foward with their album. They have a very catchy pop rock sound and should be updating their myspace with the new toons as soon as the cd is released."
Spastic Panthers - myspace/thespasticpanthers
"Another one of handsome dan's awesome punk/thrash bands recorded to vinyl"
Guided By Spirits - cdbaby/guidedbyspirits
"Jason From Guided by sprits records his own music and then brings them to me for mastering. At the time of writing this i think i have mastered 5 or 6 albums for him and he just keeps em coming. He has a very unique dance sound that has been very fun to work on."
Treeburning - myspace.com/treeburning
"This was another album this year that was a lot of fun to work on. Great dudes and awesome at what they do. we recorded the drums at the Beach studio and did the rest at the outhouse"
Veszel - myspace.com/veszelmusic
"Veszel is a side project with most of the dudes from treeburning. Their album is a work in progress but is starting to take shape"
Jeffrey Caissie - cdbaby/jeffreycaissie
"Jeff is an old friend that i have had the pleasure of working on his new material with however do to some issues with his label i am not when/if the new stuff will get released. Here is a link to some of his older tunes."
Medical - myspace.com/medicalband
"This was the second time that i have worked with Choo and he never ceases to amaze me at what he comes up with next. This round was a 14 song acoustic/indi rock album that even has beat boxing for drums on some tracks"
X92.9 Radio XSessions
"I was asked by the owner of the Beach to run the recording of the xsession live to air radio shows. I worked with some very large bands including Taking Back Sunday, Silversun Pickups and Strata. They were all very good to work with and gave a great performance"
Carved Out - myspace.com/carvedoutband
"This was a young metal band that came in with a lot of talent and a drummer well beyond his age. We worked hard and got a 4 song demo done in a very short time."
Joshua Ryan Hughes - myspace.com/joshuaryanhughes
"Joshua came in, threw down some tracks like a pro and sold em to a T.V. show. He's got a great sound"
Cold Dead Hands - myspace.com/colddeadhandsmustdie
"Raw thrash that will make your ears bleed -- good stuff"
Aim For the Head - myspace.com/aimfortheheadmustdie
"Kevin Smart is an amazing guitar player and has a bazillion bands... this is one of em."

Other older and misc. projects that I can remember

The shocked myspace.com/theshocked

Collapsed Empire myspace.com/collapsedempire

Abreaction Key myspace.com/abreactionkey

The Dead Will Rise

Eternal purgatory

Fire on three

Travis Murphy



Eternal Purgatory

Dogs Playing Poker

Defeat Tasted Nothing

Surgically Removed

The Incandesance




David Disaro

Lindsay McIvor

I know there are a lot more that i am forgetting...

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